Smart Identity

SIDAS is a Smart Identity System, which provides identity identification and identity management solutions to supporting smart city & community, with Internet of Things.

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QR Code

We provide fiture qrcode scanner to facilitate user exchange card.


Create Card

We provide fiture to make the card automatically.


Design Card

We provide a feature that allows you to design your business card.


Collect Card

We provide fiture to collect business cards from your business partner.


Create Organization

We provide fiture to create your own organization.


Share Card

We provide fiture to exchange business cards.

SIDAS Bussines Card Management

We provide solutions for you in the field of identity identification and management of people in the form of digital identity cards, as a supporter of smart city.


SIDAS Event Management

We provide solutions for identifying, publishing, managing personal or organizational events, and providing report analysis results for your event quality.

SIDAS Assets Management

We provide solutions for you in the field of identification and manage the identity of assets in the form of objects or goods that have value, as supporters of government and companies.


SIDAS Payment Management

We provide solutions to identify and manage your organization's or your company's financial statements to be more efficient and simple.

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